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Adidas Krasava: Match Ball For FIFA Confederations Cup 2017 Matches

Adidas Krasava is the official match ball of FIFA Confederations Cup 2017 that will be throughout the tournament. Adidas, the official partner of FIFA have released number of amazing Match Balls and once again, the Sports kit supplier unveiled a beauty. The Confederations Cup begins on 17 June this year in Russia. Get ready to take a close look on the official match ball.

FIFA Confederations Cup 2017 Ball

FIFA Confederations Cup 207 Match Ball

Inspired from the Russian colors and culture, the ball is brilliant combination of Red, White and Black. Russian Ruby and metaphorical jewel graphics are printed on the ball which makes it a masterpiece. The design is pretty different from previous FIFA tournament balls. There are six panels on its surface.

Talking about its appearance, Red and Black colored graphics are beautifully designed on white background. There is logo of FIFA Confederations Cup 2017 in black appearance. The ball also features Adidas three stripes trademark logo below which name of the ball “KRASAVA” is written.

Meaning of Krasava: Krasava is a Russian word that means “Handsome” in English. It represents beautiful team and performance full of flair and creativity.

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Adidas Confederations Cup 2017 Winter Ball

FIFA Confederations Cup 2017 Winter Ball

There is a winter ball edition of Krasava. It is orange featured with black patterns. Official Logos of Adidas and Confederations Cup 2017 also printed on winter ball. We have also shared list of telecast channels of Confd. Cup 2017.

The ball was first used during an International friendly match of Russia vs Romania. Later it was used in some more games so that players gets in touch with it for better flexibility, pace and control.

So this is the official match ball of FIFA Confederations Cup 2017. What are your thoughts about this new ball? Let’s have a conversation over here.

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